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Contoh Esay Berbahasa Inggris Bertema Respecting Differences (Menghargai Perbedaan)

Respecting Differences

As the individual creature, people have the differences and special characteristics that to differentiate with other people. That difference is the lesson that able we use to compare yourself with other people, especially about the positive things which able to we see from them. The differences have important position in the society. The differences to be in everywhere, including in every group in society. The characteristic of the differences is there is something that makes the thing looks different if compare with the other things. Kinds of differences can include in society, tradition, cultures, physics, environment, religion, character, and the other things that can make the differences. In Indonesia consist of more than one hundred of tribes which have different culture. Why could that happen?, how to response it?, and what is the impact?. Baca lebih lanjut

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