The Wealth of Indonesian Marine

Indonesia is a rich country, especially its nature. One of Indonesia’s wealth is the sea. Indonesian seas have very high potential to explore because of its wide area, its location, and also its famous history.

Since centuries ago, Indonesian seas had become crowd sailing route that connects India, China, and Maluku. Many merchant ships sank in Indonesian seas that time. Because of that, Indonesian seas have become one of the richest source of treasures around the world. If these treasures could be explored, just a few steps away to make Indonesia become the richest country in the world.

Beside as a rich source of treasures, Indonesian seas are also have high potentials to become high quality tourism objects. As we know, Indonesian seas are well-known as one of the best sea tourism in the world. The panorama of Indonesian beaches are amazing and the corals are fascinating. That’s why we could see many tourists come to our country with pleasure just to see our beaches and corals.

For Indonesian people, seas are used as a source of foods. Indonesian seas have a high variety and population of fish and seaweed. Indonesia have a high population of fish because its tropical situation, sea floor surface, corals, and sea mountains have made a pleasant habitat for fishes. The people’s need of food can be fulfilled only by a single source, the sea.

As a source of energy, Indonesia have much petroleum under its seas. Scientists have found that if we explore our petroleum maximally, they can be used to supply our country for hundred years. Because of that large amount of petroleum, Indonesia has become a major oil supplier for the world until now.

Indonesian seas are very important for us. From the ancient until this modern era, Indonesian seas still become a point of support for Indonesian people. Because of that, we must protect it and optimize it. If we use it effectively, we could believe that Indonesia will be one of the most prosperous country in the world.

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