Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Bertema Kebudayaan dan Teknologi

The Role of Technology on the Development of Traditional Culture

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, the most respectful juries, and my beloved friends. First, let’s say thanks to God, because only by His clemency, we can gather in this place to participate in this speech contest.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ari Sudewa, from class X-11. Now, I would like to present my speech entitled “The Role of Technology on The Development of Traditional Culture”. In this topic, I will explain the meaning of traditional culture, the use of technology in the spreading of culture, and the effects of the technology to the traditional culture.

Ladies and gentlemen, before we continue to our main topic, it would be better if we know what the meaning of traditional culture is. Traditional culture is a habit, role of life, or folkways that created by our ancestors, generated from one generation to the next generation orally, and integrated strongly in the local people. Generally, the local tradition is always obeyed by local people without any shortcomings. The example of local tradition is local songs, games, folktales, myth, ceremonies, foods, and clothing.

The unique thing is, because of the strong integration of the culture, usually the old people can’t receive any other new tradition from outside, although the new tradition is better and more rational than their tradition. The reason of this phenomenon is because the old tradition has been carried by people for many years. When a habit is done for several years, it will change the people’s mind. They will think that habit is correct and good, although other people may think their habit is fool. If that habit continues from one generation to the next generation, we can say that the habit has transformed into a tradition.

We can find this phenomenon in a village easily, and would be easier if we search it in an underdeveloped area. But, this phenomenon is no more existed in a city where the people have smitten with the globalization in this global era. The people here could think more rationally, and it causes some traditions extinct. Then, by the effect of Western cultures, more local traditions lost, and some local values changed.

Ladies and gentlemen, why western cultures could affect our country? The main reason is because our people have an internal mind that western cultures are better than ours, more interesting, and so on. Their tradition can spread easily in our country mainly because of the use of technology.

Technology can be used to spread a tradition to other place. The main form of technology that used widely is internet. With the internet, we can share our tradition to the world and we can also know and apply tradition from other place. This can enrich the local tradition. But, this can also damage local tradition if we use the internet and other technologies unwisely.

Ladies and gentlemen, the use of technology always has advantages and disadvantages. With the technology, the spread of tradition can be faster. We can also gain more information to be applied to our tradition. But, the use of technology, mainly internet, could change, fade, and destroy local tradition. It can also spread some bad traditions to other country, such as pornography, drunk, smoking habit, and many others.

To decrease these disadvantages, we must protect our self from bad traditions. We must use our intelligence and common sense to sort and classify the good tradition and the bad tradition. Then, we must apply and keep the good traditions, and throw away the bad traditions. We must be careful in a consort with others. We must stay away from any prohibited consorts. We must increase our religion comprehension to protect our self from these problems.

I think that’s all of my speech. Thanks for your kind attention to my speech. I do apologize if there are any mistakes in my speech. See you later, have a nice day.

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8 thoughts on “Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Bertema Kebudayaan dan Teknologi

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    Salam persahabatan.

    Laporan selesai.

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